Theis Raiford is a small batch soap, bath and beauty line based out of Austin, Texas. We use local, natural and organic ingredients to create one of a kind visually stunning products that work just as good as they look.         

            Justin “Raif” Raiford grew up traveling the world with his family where he got to experience many different cultures, cuisines and landscapes. Living in different countries Raif's mother often times had to make things from scratch that they couldn’t get such as clothing, crafts and other comforts that reminded them of home. This always interested Raif and a passion for how things worked and how they were made was born. His passion for knowledge lead him to culinary arts school where he found himself researching ingredients and where they were from. As a chef his passion for ingredients greatly influenced his dishes and what he created in the kitchen. With success in the culinary arts field he started to research the ingredients in everyday products. Wanting a simple more natural product he started to create his own products that looked visually pleasing and had benefits for the skin, hair and body.         

            Joseph Theis a hairstylist in Austin Texas has always preferred simple products that are easy for the clients to use and understand. More and more clients were curious about the ingredients in products and where they came from.

            Together Theis Raiford was created. A local, intoxicating, natural line with organic and quality ingredients. Products that were created with love and integrity that we know you will love as much as we do.

We love to make custom gift baskets and can make custom soaps upon request.


            Please email below address for custom orders, gift baskets, or any other questions.